NAC captain Bishwakarma refutes suspension, says he is still in the cockpit


Kathmandu: Nepal Airlines Corporation Captain Nar Bahadur Bishwakarma has refuted reports about his suspension from regular duty.    
Although it was reported that the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) had instructed to suspend five pilots of the Nepal Airlines Corporation, pilot Bishwakarma has clarified that he has not been suspended.    
Captain Bishwakarma said that the CAAN had instructed to suspend pilots who disobeyed the instructions of the ATC during landing of a NAC plane at Hong Kong airport, but he was not involved in the flight, hence he was not suspended. Bishwakarma however told RSS that he was in the same flight but only as a passenger when it landed at Hong Kong airport.    
"I am dismayed over my name appearing on the list. Even today I am flying a NAC plane," he said while sharing that he was going to fly to Singapore tonight.    
Meanwhile, Assistant Spokesperson of Nepal Airlines Corporation Ganesh Ghimire said that pilots Uddhav Ghimire and Rajesh Kushwaha, who disobeyed the instructions of the ATC while landing at the Hong Kong airport, and Prashanna Rana and YP Juwarchan who failed to follow the standard operational procedure during the flight from Kathmandu to Japan were suspended as per the instructions given by the CAAN.    
He also informed that although pilot Nar Bahadur Bishwakarma was on the NAC flight to Hong Kong, he was not suspended.