Social security is guaranteed to self-employed workers: Minister Shrestha


Kathmandu: Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security Krishna Kumar Shrestha said the incumbent government was doing homework to guarantee social security for those workers in informal sector and the self-employed ones.    
Responding to the queries raised on the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security in the Appropriation Bill-2079 BS, Minister Shrestha said on Monday laws and legislations were being formulated to bring as many as self-employed and informal sector's workers under the ambit of social security.    
Directives for reintegration of returnees Nepali migrant workers was presented in the Council of Ministers for approval, said Shrestha, adding that reintegration programmes such as 'Reintegration of Returnee Migrant Workers (ReMi) are soon to be implemented in support of the Swiss government while similar programme will be enforced in support of the South Korean government.    
To encourage the returnee migrants for entrepreneurship, awards and rewards programmes will implemented, according to the Minister.    
Furthermore, he shared that a five-year strategic plan was formulated for the first time in the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security, which aims to promote self-employment programme among the returnee workers and guarantee their social security and other benefits such as accident insurance and compensation among others.    
The Minister mentioned that earlier there were four rounds of process for renewal for labour permit. “It has been cut down to two currently. A Help Desk has been set up in the concerned offices for facilitation of the service-seekers.”    
Currently, Nepalis are permitted to work in 178 countries in personal labour permit while to work in 111 countries, they ought to obtain institutional labour permit.    
In this backdrop, the Minister shared that preparation was afoot to ink labour pact with the UK for the first time. Also, he shared that preparation was underway at his initiations to ink labour pact with the Maldives, Seychelles and Israel.     
The Ministry held consultations with Heads of various 16 foreign diplomatic missions in Nepal as well as the representatives of international organizations to address the issues facing Nepalis migrant workers and to protect the professional security of Nepalis migrant workers abroad. Online services has been launched to provide financial assistance, scholarship for the children of those Nepalis migrant workers passing away in the countries of destination, he said.    
Information about the services such as labour permit issued daily and the reports on such services have been uploaded in the website of the Foreign Employment Board and its notice boards regularly.    
The Minister said five shelter homes have been set up in Oman, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain to house the stranded and rescued Nepali migrant workers. Moreover, Labour Consular and Labour Attaché have been appointed in Qatar, Malaysia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman.    
Budget has been allocated to prepare DPR for construction of the Labour Hospital. A thematic working committee has been working towards amending the Foreign Employment Policy- 2086 BS, Foreign Employment Act-2064 BS and Labour Act-2074 BS among others, the Minister said.    
He expressed his conference that foreign employment management will undergo changes and as many as workers could come under the ambit of social security.