Linden urges voters not to vote for those without moral values


Bhaktapur: Chairperson of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party, Rajendra Lingden, has urged the voters not to cast vote for those who have no moral values.    
At an election assembly organised by RPP, Bhaktapur, at Changunarayan on Monday, he requested the voters to vote for leaders and parties that are capable to develop the country and their villages.    
Arguing that the local-level government did not pay attention in development of Changunarayan, Lingden said he was disappointed upon seeing the status of development of Bhaktapur.    
RPP would not give any space to the people to complain about their demands including roads, he argued that Nepalgunj sub-metropolitan city is enough to show the example of RPP's development activities. Chair Lingden asked the people to elect RPP once and see its development activities, saying it is the only alternative force.    
RPP's mayoral candidate of Changunarayan municipality, Rabindra Pratap Shah, said that he would make arrangement of free education and health service, employment to youths, pension to farmers and build a discrimination-free society if he wins the election.