Myanmar earns 8.8 bln USD from manufactured goods export in FY 2023-24

YANGON (Xinhua) -- Myanmar earned over 8.8 billion U.S. dollars from the export of manufactured goods in fiscal year 2023-24, the Ministry of Commerce reported on Thursday.    
The figure, down from the 10.94 billion dollars recorded for fiscal year 2022-23, included over 3.3 billion dollars from the government sector and over 5.5 billion dollars from the private sector, the ministry said.    
In fiscal year 2023-24, the total export value surpassed 14.6 billion dollars. Among Myanmar's exported products, manufactured goods generate the highest income, followed by agricultural products and other items.    
Myanmar mainly exports agricultural, animal and marine products, minerals, forest products and manufactured goods to its trade partners including China, Thailand, Bangladesh and India. Enditem