Present ruling coalition will last for a full five-year term: Dahal


Rukum: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said the problems suffered by Nepal due to climate change impact would be internationalized.    

Speaking a programme organized at Maikot of Rukum Sunday, he said Nepal will clearly put its views claiming for compensation keeping in mind the huge damage the country has been bearing although its role is negligible in climate change.    

Dahal made it clear that he has urged the international community time and again to significantly increase the funds provided by the International Fund to Nepal for alleviating the suffering from the climate change as it has so far received only small amount in that connection.    

He claimed that upon his invitation the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Gutteres paid a visit to Nepal recently and observed from close the impact the climate change is having in Nepal.    

According to him, the relief that Nepal is entitled to get from the international community as compensation for bearing the brunt of the impact of climate change is Nepal's right. Stating Nepal is getting punishment for the mistake it has not committed, the PM said the high government officials have been directed to prepare document on behalf the government claiming for large amount of relief from the Climate Fund.    

He assured of the government's support and cooperation in declaring Maikot as an Open Museum and forwarding the necessary process for this. The PM said initiatives would be taken for pursuing a special project for the promotion of medicinal herbs and development of the agriculture sector in the region.    

Saying that agreement has been reached during his official visit to China to operate special projects in some mountainous districts, he said a project would be run in Putha Uttarganga as well since it is also a municipality located in mountainous region.    

He assured of managing the budget on behalf the federal government for developing Maikot as a 'Living Museum'. The government has kept this region in special priority since it has made big sacrifices and contribution for the revolution. Importance has been given equally to the development of health, education and employment sectors.    

Recalling that Nepal has been mentioned as a socialism-oriented economy, the Head of the Government said the government has taken initiatives for social justice, good governance and prosperity, and works have also been started in line with this very resolution. He informed that hundreds of thousands of farmers in the Tarai-Madhes have been freed from the extortion by loan sharks. He added that the present government has also provided citizenship certificates to the Nepali bereft of citizenship cards, keeping them in priority.    

Hundreds of thousands of youths who have gone abroad have been brought under the social security cover in order to ensure their rights and interests; so have been the workers in the informal sector and those in self-employment, the PM asserted.    

Stating that the government is vigorously working to prepare the basis for socialism, he also presented some facts related to this. The government is equally at work towards controlling corruption and a situation has been created in which high officials as ministers and leaders will have to go to jail, he added.    

Dahal stated that the government is equally actively working for checking the smuggling of gold, stressing the government will also continuously work towards maintaining good governance.    

On a different note, Dahal asserted that the present ruling coalition will last for a full five-year term and demonstrate that it works in favour of the country and the people.