Himalaya Jet Explores Collaborative Opportunities in Meeting with the British Ambassador

Kathmandu: Delegates from Himalaya Jet meet with British Ambassador Rob Fenn at British Embassy, Kathmandu Thursday. Advisors of airlines and officials from the British Embassy also attend on the meeting.

Himalaya Jet, based in the United Kingdom and is preparing for flight services to various cities in the world, has met with Ambassador Rob Fenn in terms of preparations. Airline is invested by nepali origin President MIoD Dipendra Gurung, and the Gurung family, is about to start its first flight from Kathmandu.

The meeting is to discuss potential collaborations and strengthen ties between the airline and the United Kingdom, says Himalaya Jet. Company said, the embassy provided a platform for constructive discussions on various aspects of the airline industry, including regulatory frameworks, bilateral agreements, and opportunities for connectivity between The United Kingdom and Nepal.

Raju KC, Managing Director at Himalaya Jet's, said that the discussions with the British Embassy were productive and promising. We explored avenues for enhanced cooperation, discussed potential partnerships, and considered initiatives that could benefit both the airline and passengers traveling between our countries.

The British Embassy officials acknowledged the positive contributions of Himalaya Jet to the aviation sector and expressed interest in fostering collaboration that aligns with the shared interests of both parties.  The meeting also addressed matters related to the promotion of tourism, trade, and cultural exchange, airlines.

Both parties recognized the importance of strong aviation links in facilitating economic growth and strengthening people-to-people connections. Continues to explore opportunities for growth and collaboration, Himalaya Jet remains committed to providing passengers with efficient and high-quality travel experiences.