Three young brothers gain invaluable experience on an expedition to EBC

Kathmandu: Vyom Tulsyan (16) India, Ved Tusyan (14) India, and Aaryam Murarka (10) USA, three siblings who successfully completed the Everest Base Camp expedition as teenagers, describe their trek as an invaluable life lesson. The teenage brothers took to the mission of conquering Mount Everest Base Camp for the purpose of creating awareness for Financial Literacy.

“The trek to the Everest base camp was a journey of discovery, not only of the natural beauty of the Himalayan region, but also of invaluable life lessons,” Vyom Tulsyan stated.

 “The lessons in goal setting, discipline, risk management, resource efficiency, adaptability, teamwork, and long-term thinking were invaluable. Embracing these principles ensures success, whether navigating the long Himalayan trails or the complexities of financial life.”

According to Vyom Tulsyan, these few critical lessons learned during the trek helped them gain a new perspective not only on the physical beauty of life, but also provided us with a new narrative on the abstract and deeper meaning of living.

 “The experience reaffirmed that with the right mindset and preparation, we can overcome enormous challenges and achieve our greatest aspirations,” he said.

 They also had the invaluable opportunity to meet Sir Kancha Sherpa, the last living member of the original team that conquered Mount Everest.

 They expressed their joy at meeting Kancha Sherpa, saying, “His story of bravery and adventure was very inspiring.”

Ved Tulsyan expressed gratitude, stating, “With the blessing of Sir Kancha Sherpa, as we approached EBC, the realisation of achievement sank in.”

Furthermore, reaching base camp on Internation Everest Day, the day the first two people—Nepali Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and New Zealander Edmund Hillary—scaled Mount Everest together on May 29, in 1953, added a cherry on top of our achievement.

Aaryam Murarka who came from USA for this expedition stated that this trek was adventurous and a great way to get away from the city's regular hustle and bustle, having recently returned from their adventure to Everest Base Camp. 

“We found ourselves reflecting on the journey and realising the life-changing lesson it had taught us. The experience we gained was about more than just getting to base camp; it was about the meticulous planning, unwavering discipline, and shared determination that are required,” Vyom Tulsyan said.

Vyom Tulsyan is a Class XII management student at Chinmaya International Residential School in Coimbatore. He aspires to pursue a career in finance. His hobbies include reading books on financial literacy and traveling.