Clarification sought from seven contractors and supplying companies

Kathmandu: Public Procurement Monitoring Office has sought clarification from seven contractors and suppliers for leaving plans and programmes being implemented under different public bodies stranded.    
The Office asked for clarification from the contractors and suppliers after different public bodies wrote to it for blacklisting them.    
Additional seven days have been given to the contractors and suppliers again after they failed to furnish their clarification even after the Office had asked them to submit their clarification within 30 days after getting the letter, reads the notice published by the Office.    
The Office said that it would blacklist them if they did not furnish written clarification and satisfactory response.    
Siruwa Construction Company Ltd has been asked to submit written response while Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies requested the Office to blacklist Business Nepal Consultancy Pvt Ltd of Parsa.    
The United Agro Engineering Pvt Ltd has also been urged to furnish clarification if there is any reason for not blacklisting it. It is charged of keeping in limbo the work on construction of the Khairahani Municipality's office in Chitwan. Suresh Kumar Budhathoki is the company's proprietor.    
The Roads Board Nepal had written to the Public Procurement Monitoring Office to blacklist Bholebaba Construction of Nawalparasi with Suk Bahadur Gurung as the proprietor. This company has also been urged to furnish a written clarification within seven days.    
The Procurement Monitoring Office has also sought a clarification from the Kathmandu-based Diagnochem International. The BP Koirala Institute of Health Science (BPKIHS) had recommended for blacklisting Diagnochem International with Bigyan Kumar Aryal as the chief proprietor.    
The Procurement Monitoring Office said that the Barbardiya Municipality has written to it recommending blacklisting Kalpana Construction Company with Kalpana Gyawali as the proprietor.    
Clarification has also been sought with Akash and Pawan Construction Company with Ashish Kumar Khatri as the proprietor. Godawari Municipality, Office of the Municipal Executive had recommended for blacklisting this company.