Flood in Melamchi area damages huge property


Sindhupalchowk: The flood occurred on June 15 has caused huge losses in Timbu, Chanute, Glyalthum, Talamarang and Melamchi areas in the district of Sindhupalchowk.    
The flood damaged billions of private property and properties of public institutions, schools, colleges and governmental institutions too. The floods have adversely damaged private property including houses, buildings and farm lands in the arears.    
The areas are now out of communication services and other essential services due to disruption of road section and information and communication tracking devices. The transport system is disrupted as road section and bridges have been damaged and swept away by the swollen river.    
The schools and other public institutions recently reconstructed from the damage of the Gorkha Earthquake, said local Nil Bahadur Shahi. He added that the area faced huge damages as the disaster alarming devices remained dysfunctional due to abrupt damage in the areas. The locals have complained that they were lacking basic updates and information as local FM radios and towers were also damaged in the floods.