Dhakal Invites Investors to Explore Nepal's Promising Sectors

Kathmandu: President of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) Chandra Prasad Dhakal urged investors from around the world to seize the opportunity and invest in Nepal's burgeoning economy. 

Addressinig at the 3rd Nepal Investment Summit 2024, he emphasized the country's colossal untapped sectors and its potential as an investment destination.

Dhakal highlighted Nepal's strategic location between the economic powerhouses of China and India, underscoring its significance as a gateway to vast markets. 
He emphasized the abundant opportunities across various sectors, including tourism, infrastructure, energy, agriculture, technology, and ICT.

He particularly spotlighted the immense potential in renewable energy, citing recent agreements for power trade with India and Bangladesh as indicators of Nepal's capability in hydropower generation and regional trade. 

He also underscored the need for modern infrastructure in tourism, agriculture, and technology sectors to harness Nepal's rich cultural heritage, natural beauty, and young, dynamic workforce.

Moreover, Dhakal emphasized the importance of investing in technical education to bridge the gap between demand and supply of skilled human resources, thereby boosting both domestic employment and remittance inflows. 

He commended the government's efforts in implementing business-friendly policies and initiatives to facilitate foreign investment, including recent amendments and bilateral investment agreements.

Highlighting FNCCI's role in boosting investor confidence through international business summits in New Delhi, Beijing, and Dubai, Dhakal assured continuous support and commitment from the Nepali private sector for joint ventures in all potential sectors. 

He shared his belief in Nepal's emerging growth story and encouraged forging partnerships to chart a path towards sustainable development and prosperity.