Man-eater tiger brought to central zoo


Kathmandu: The man-eater tiger, which was taken under control from Bardiya National Park, has been kept at Jawalakhel-based central zoo.    
The 10-year-old tiger, which was taken under control darting it on April 4, has been brought at central zoo today. Pulisram Tharu, staff of the Bardiya National Park, died after the tiger attacked him in course carrying out rhino census under the National Rhino Census Programme-2021.    
The tiger was darted on the same day. The series of incidents of human-tiger conflict has led to human causalities at Bardiya National Park, buffer zone and biological route area for the past few months.    
A total of 10 people lost their lives in tiger attack till the date of the current fiscal year. Of them, three incidents occurred inside the national park, five at biological route area and two at buffer zone. Pressure has been exerted on the bodies concerned to resolve the problem at a time when series of human-tiger conflict has been increasing.    
Four man-eating tigers were taken under the control from different places of Bardiya last year in this connection.    
Of them, one tiger has been brought to central zoo today, said information officer of the zoo, Lina Chalise.