China says G7 statement 'full of arrogance, prejudice and lies'

BEIJING (AFP) - China hit back on Monday after G7 leaders warned Beijing to stop sending weapons components to Russia, saying their end-of-summit statement was "full of arrogance, prejudice and lies".    
When Group of Seven leaders met last week in Italy, souring trade relations with Beijing as well as tensions over Ukraine and the South China Sea were a focus of their discussions.    
The statement released at the end of the summit said China was sending dual-use materials to Russia which were helping Moscow's war in Ukraine.    
Using stronger language than at last year's summit, the G7 statement also criticised China's "militarisation, and coercive and intimidation activities" in the South China Sea.    
On Monday China's foreign ministry spokesman Lin Jian said the statement had "slandered and attacked China".    
It had "rehashed cliches that have no factual basis, no legal basis, and no moral justification, and are full of arrogance, prejudice and lies," he said at a regular press briefing.