Sujan Gurung a Student of Nepal Mountain Academy scaled Mount Everest

Khumbu: Sujan Gurung, a student from the Nepal Mountain Academy Bachelor of Mountaineering Studies (BMS) 3rd semester, has successfully reached the summit of Mount Everest on May 13.

According to Nepal Mountain Academy early morning at 7:30 am, Gurung stood atop the world's highest peak, an extraordinary feat that marks a significant milestone in his promising mountaineering career.

On the top of Everest he carried the Academy banner and also unveiled Mountain an Adamant Landscape 14-8000ers a book published by the Academy. Gurung, an emerging young Aspirant guide, has showcased remarkable determination and skill in his ascent of the highest peak in the world.

As he continues his pursuit of excellence, his journey will undoubtedly serve as a beacon of inspiration for future generations of mountaineers. Arjun Rai, the executive director of the Academy said that the Academy looks forward to seeing more of its students reaching such heights, both literally and figuratively.

He added "his success on Everest is a beacon of what our students can achieve with dedication and passion. We look forward to seeing more of his contributions to the mountaineering world."