ADB approves 148.5 mln USD loan to improve electricity supply in India

MANILA (Xinhua): The Asian Development Bank (ADB) on Thursday said it has approved a loan of 148.5 million U.S. dollars to boost the electric distribution system and enhance the resilience of the electricity supply in Sikkim, India.    
 The project promises to upgrade and modernize Sikkim's power distribution system by installing approximately 770 km of climate-resilient conductors while upgrading 26 existing power substations.    
 The ADB said that the project will enhance the livelihoods of at least 1,100 women by installing tailored renewable energy systems and improving their vocational skills.    
 The project will also deploy solar energy systems and energy-efficient electrical equipment in 24 primary healthcare subcenters to enhance the capacity of rural healthcare facilities to offer in-patient treatments, especially during the winter months.    
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