Pushpa and Anjali relocated to Koshi Tappu


Inaruwa: Two female rhinoceros named 'Pushpa' and 'Anjali' brought here from the Chitwan National Park (CNP) have been released to the Koshi Wildlife Reserve.    
According to Reserve conservation officer, Ramesh Kumar Yadav, the wild animals were relocated near the Pathari Sector Office on occasion of the World Tourism Day, 2023 today in the presence of federal Minister for Forest and Environment, Dr Birendra Prasad Mahato.    
The animals were escorted to here by a team led by CNP chief conservation officer, Dil Bahadur Purja Pun. During the study, the Reserve was found technically sound for the rhinos dwelling. For some times, they will be kept in an open enclosure and then will be let dwell in a natural habitat.    
Few years ago, 13 wild buffaloes were relocated to the Reserve from the CNP. Locals also demanded the relocation of rhinos, prompting the need to conduct a technical assessment for the same.    
Koshi Tappu to be promoted as main tourism destination    
On the occasion, Minister Mahato said that the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve would be developed into a touristic area.    
He said so while addressing a programme organized to inaugurate the Wildlife Rescue Centre and hand over rhinos at the Pathari Sector of the Reserve today. He said that the two rhinos have been brought from Chitwan for this purpose.    
The Minister also announced that another rhino called 'Biru' would also be brought to the Reserve within a few days. According to him, a study has been started to also bring a tiger.    
The Minister argued that the number of domestic and foreign tourists will increase in the Reserve if the wild buffalo, rhinos, tiger and elephants are brought at one place.