Volkswagen production resumes after IT outage

BERLIN (AFP) - German auto giant Volkswagen on Thursday said a major IT malfunction that had brought production to a standstill at several German factories had been resolved overnight.    
The IT problems that started on Wednesday disrupted Volkswagen's own-brand plants across Germany, including at the group's Wolfsburg headquarters. Other brands of the VW group were also impacted.    
"The IT infrastructure problems in the Volkswagen network were resolved during the course of the night," VW said in a statement.    
"The global production network is up and running, and production is expected to proceed as planned." There were no indications to suggest that the IT outage was caused "by external influences", VW added.    
Last month, Japanese rival Toyota was also forced to halt production at all of its factories in Japan because of a computer system malfunction. The one-day stoppage on August 29 at Toyota's 14 domestic plants happened after servers that process parts orders broke down following a maintenance procedure. The incident was not caused by a cyber attack, Toyota said.