Mayor Balen Shah displays extended Nepal Map in Office

Barlish Ranjit Rojan

Kathmandu, Nepal – In a bold display of national pride, Mayor Balen Shah of Kathmandu has adorned his office with an extended map of Nepal, encompassing the country’s entire territorial claims. The move is seen as a strong statement of Nepal’s sovereignty and its commitment to protecting its borders.

The newly appointed mayor, known for his nationalist stance, wasted no time in asserting his dedication to Nepal’s territorial integrity. The prominently displayed map showcases an expanded Nepal, including regions that have long been subjects of border disputes with neighbouring countries.

Mayor Shah’s decision to hang the extended map drew both praise and criticism from various quarters. Supporters hailed it as a symbol of Nepal’s historical claims and its defiance against any encroachment on its land. They see it as a reminder of the nation’s rich heritage and a testament to the ongoing struggles for territorial integrity.

On the other hand, critics argue that the display of the extended map may exacerbate tensions with Nepal’s neighbours, especially India and China, who have their own claims on certain regions within Nepal’s borders. They argue that such actions could hinder diplomatic efforts to resolve border disputes and lead to unnecessary conflicts.

Addressing the concerns, Mayor Shah stated, “I firmly believe in Nepal’s historical rights and its legitimate claims over these territories. By displaying this extended map, I want to send a strong message to the international community that Nepal will stand firm in protecting its sovereignty.” He emphasized that the display was not intended to escalate tensions but rather to assert Nepal’s position in ongoing negotiations.

The extended map prominently features areas such as Limpiyadhura, Lipulekh, and Kalapani, which are currently disputed between Nepal and India. These regions have been a subject of contention for years, with both countries claiming sovereignty. The move by Mayor Shah is likely to reignite the debate over these disputed territories.

The international community will be closely watching the developments in Nepal following Mayor Shah’s decision. It remains to be seen how neighbouring countries will respond and whether this move will impact ongoing diplomatic efforts to resolve border disputes.

While opinions on Mayor Shah’s display of the extended map may differ, one thing is certain: it has sparked a renewed conversation about Nepal’s territorial integrity and its aspirations to safeguard its borders. As Nepal continues to navigate complex diplomatic challenges, the nation’s resolve to protect its sovereignty remains unwavering.