DishHome is the most reliable television service in DTH, with a signal reliability of 99 per cent: Study

Kathmandu: As per the nationwide study of DishHome's customers, DishHome TV now has acquired 99% signal reliability. The only worry left to DishHome's customers is selecting the channel to watch on its wide range of availability.

Except for the rare and occasional issue of excessive rain or snow, DishHome is the strongest. In case of a recurring problem, the DishHome service team is ready to inspect the system for damage and restore the system's performance earliest.  DishHome offers more protection against outages and interruptions than cable.

Another thing that makes DishHome the best TV is free from the problems like underground cables getting cut by construction activity, maintenance, branches falling on wires, or other weather-related issues. With DishHome, customers can reduce repairman's visits and the time you may remain without a TV.