All Nepalis in Ukraine safe: NRNA


Kathmandu: Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) has expressed concerns over the safety of Nepalis in Ukraine following the recent developments there.    
Issuing a press release today, NRNA said that 38 Nepalis living in Ukraine since long are in contact of Nepali National Coordination Council, Ukraine and all of them are to date safe.    
The Council has received the information that other 44 students in Ukraine and more than 200 Nepalis are in transit and all the Nepalis in Ukraine have been requested to inform the Council about their condition.    
Similarly, the NRNA has urged all the Nepalis in Ukraine to stay safe and assess the situation and return home if necessary. It has asked to contact Chairperson of the Council, Hari Malla, on 380934347700, [email protected] and NRNA Secretariat in Nepal.