Economic upliftment of some people is not prosperity, Prachanda says


Kathmandu: Chairperson of CPN (Maoist-Centre) Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' has said that economic progress of selected people cannot be regarded as development and economic prosperity. Such trend makes no difference for general public, he said.    
Prachanda said so on Saturday while releasing a book 'Roadmap of Prosperity' by Prakash Bikalpa. The book talks in detail about Nepal's possible development models and ways to implement them. This book will be a crucial reference material on development and economic prosperity, the former prime minister said.    
The book has opened up new debate in regard to development dimensions and the youth generation is awakened to do something for the country's development and prosperity.    
Writer and analyst Yug Pathak, former member of National Human Rights Commission Mohana Ansari and others offered their comments on the new book.    
On the occasion, writer of the book Prakash claimed that his book was anti-thesis of the existing narrative of prosperity roadmap.