Worldwide death toll of NRNs from COVID-19 reaches 49, infected rate around 2,000   


Kathmandu: The total number of Non Resident Nepalis (NRN) to die worldwide till Saturday evening from COVID-19 has reached 49.

According to data gathered by the NRN Association, Health Committee, 33 died in the United Kingdom, 10 in the United States of America, two in the United Arab Emirates and one each in the Ireland, Japan, Turkey and the Netherlands.

Besides, the total number of infected has so far reached 1,983 and they reside in several 24 countries as said by Committee coordinator Dr Sanjiv Sapkota. The highest number of infection rates among the NRNs is in the US (1,000) followed by 700 in the UK, 81 in the UAE 49 in Bahrain, 42 in Kuwait, 27 in Portugal, 22 in Ireland, 12 in Spain, 11 in Australia, six in Belgium, five in Switzerland, four each in the Saudi Arabia and Germany, three each in Malaysia, Canada, New Zealand and Cyprus and two each in Japan, Hong Kong, and Malta and one each in France.

The Committee has been collecting details to this regard from 36 NRN doctors working in several hospitals abroad, diplomatic mission, its chapters and local organisations.

NRNA general secretary Dr Hemraj Sharma said it has mobilised 900 volunteers through its chapters in 41 countries for the assistance of NRNs affected by COVID-19. SO far, around 30 thousand NRNs have got direct and indirect relief assistance from the NRNA.