Unemployed youth to be mobilized in nation-building

Unemployed youth

Kathmandu: The government is to mobilize the unemployed youth in the national-building campaign. The government, under the Prime Minister Employment Programme (PMEP), is preparing to launch the social justice programme, mobilization of youth human resources in the national interests and in the development and construction of physical infrastructures.

Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security Gokarna Bista shared so at a discussion programme on Sunday organized in the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security (MoLESS) on the theme ‘Effective Implementation of the Prime Minister Employment Programme’.

Reiterating that the government was going to launch a new and unique campaign aiming to create employment opportunities in the country Minister Bista said,” The PMEP would be implemented in such a manner that the Nepali youth should be proud of and would feel ownership in the campaign.”

Stating that the programme would be launched among the youths irrespective of ideologies, political faiths and values, Minister Bista assured that the programme would make sure the skills, talents, capacity and enthusiasm of the youth would be mobilized prudently for the nation-building.

The Minister stated that the parameter of labour market would be widened and the opportunities for employment would be augmented to increase the productivity of the labourers.

According to him, the government was preparing to put in place a mechanism to impart training and skills to prospective Nepali migrant workers so that Nepali migrant worker would not leave for foreign shores without learning skills.He shared that around 100,000 unemployed youths would be provided with employment opportunities in the initial phase. Minister Bista informed, “We are preparing to conduct study to find out how many jobs could be generated in which sector.”

“A small decision at policy-making would help create hundreds and thousands of jobs,” argued Minister Bista, stating that it was very challenging to provide employment opportunities to educated but unemployed youths.

He committed that he would submit a proposal to the Council of Ministers to put in place a provision wherein 20 per cent of the development budget would be compulsorily allocated for the job creation.

Stating that poverty and unemployment were the major challenges, Bista opined that a majority of the youth were flocking abroad due to rampant unemployment in the country. On the occasion, Joint-Secretary at the MoLESS Prakash Dahal called for cooperation from all sides for the effective implementation of the Programme.