Tax defaulter Gorkha Brewery inviting Salman Khan paying Rs. 110 million

Right side of the image: Managing director Arun Adhikari of Gorkha Brewery

Kathmandu: Gorkha Brewery – that has been facing a charge of tax defaulter time and again, is planning to bring a half-dozen Indian artists including Salman Khan in Nepal by spending millions of rupees.

Gorkha Brewery- having more than 80 per cent investment of Multinational Company Carlsberg, is inviting Salman by paying Rs. 110 million to him alone.

The tax office had fixed tax adding penalties to the company after it did not pay excise duty and value added tax to the government. The company has filed a case in the Supreme Court after the tax office determined tax including fine against him by the tax office.

In the case, Supreme Court directed both the company and tax office to present at the court on February 27, 2018.

Earlier, the Khetan Group had paid Rs. 900 million tax to the government then the Finance Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai tenure after the Carlsberg group claimed that the Khetan Group had responsibilities to pay tax of Rs. 900 million rather than our responsibility.

After paid Rs. 900 million tax, Khetan Group almost became bankrupt and sold 30 per cent shares from existing 50 per cent to Carlsberg.

Following the incident, the Carlsberg group has overtaken its management and operating management continuously so far.

Even though Carlsberg has been operating management of the company its self, it was charging as tax defaulter.

The company has received Rs. 860 million tax exemption from the Tax Settlement Commission (TSC) involved Chudamani Sharma.

The tax office had determined tax adding penalties after the company did not pay tax to the company for the fiscal year 2071/72.

Even it became tax defaulter category; it has been planning to bring Salman Khan for dance in Nepal by spending millions of rupees.

The official staffs of the company, including Bhaivab Sharma and Subodh Sharma did not want to talk with Corporate Nepal while asking about the subject.

The company is selling ticket in expensive rate for the concert.

Bollywood heartthrob Salman Khan is set to arrive in Kathmandu for the musical tour, “Da-Bangg: The Tour”, which is scheduled to take place at Tundikhel on March 10.