Soldiers in Gorkha Durbar don Prithivi Narayan Shah-era uniform


Gorkha: Soldiers guarding the Gorkha Durbar, the palace belonging to King Prithivi Narayan Shah in Gorkha district have put on the uniform  that were worn by the soldiers during Shah’s reign (18th century) so as to attract visitors from today.

The soldiers locally known as Gorkha Sainik have been safe guarding the historical palace that used to be a home to unifier of modern Nepal-Shah and his descendants.

The Prithivi Narayan Shah-era apparel for soldiers includes black daura suruwal, Khukuri, a traditional weapon, and a country-made gun. Soldiers donning this dress and traditional weapons from 6 am to 6 pm have been a centre of attraction for the visitors.

According to the Gorkha Durbar Herchah Adda’s Information Officer, Rameshwar Kattel, the visitors here were elated since they could take pictures with the soldiers in traditional attire.

Nepal Army’s Ransingh Battalion Gorkha’s Company Chief Ujjwal KC informed that the Battalion had brought Shardul Jung Company from Hanuman Dhoka’s contingent to deploy in Gorkha Durbar.

KC shared that the move was made to promote local tourism. He viewed that the dress put on by the soldiers would help visitors understand the history relating to the unification of princely estates into a modern Nepal.

Gorkha is considered to be cradle for Nepal Army. KC opined that the soldiers in Prithivi Narayan Shah-era uniform would unravel the historical part of the palace.