Saroj Chepang who is working to develop ‘mini aircraft’ gets financial support


Ratnanagar: Saroj Chepang, a youth from Piple, Chitwan who is currently working on a project to develop a mini aircraft has been getting financial support for his venture.

The 20-year-old Chepang is engaged in developing a mini aircraft now after successfully carrying out the test flight of a para-motor that he developed sometimes back.

The latest financial support to Saroj came from Chitwan Youth Group, Doha, Qatar. The Group collected Rs 81,000 in Qatar and remitted the amount to him through the Chitwan Youth Group International Coordination Committee, Nepal. The amount was handed over to Saroj on Saturday.

Before this, the Rapti Municipality had announced a support of Rs 80,000 to Saroj who is a resident of Rapti Municipality-2. FOBS College had also provided him Rs 10,000.
On March 18, Saroj conducted a test flight of the ‘para-motor’ that he developed which hovered in the air for about 40 minutes.

Now, he is working on his mini aircraft project and says that he requires approximately one million rupees. Saroj has completed only sixth grade of school education. He has already invested around Rs 500,000 in his ‘mini aircraft’ development project.