PSC launched vacancy in line with the constitution and Civil Service Act: Lalbabu


Kathmandu : Minister for Federal Affairs and General Administration Lal Babu Pandit has said that necessary programmes aimed at ensuring result-oriented public administration were provisioned in the new budget for fiscal year 2019/20.

Responding to the queries raised by lawmakers on the Appropriation Bill-2075 in meeting of the House of Representatives on Sunday, Minister Pandit reiterated that the government had stipulated provisions through the budget to make the public administration service smooth and more effective.

He shared that a committee for reward and punishment was formed to make the government employees’ administration development-friendly and ensure good-governance.

Minister clarified that vacancy announcement by the government through the Public Service Commission (PSC) was based on the vacancy launched by the local level. He, hence said, it was constitutional and in compliance with the laws.

He further said that, “Since the PSC is a constitutional body and it launched vacancy in line with the constitution and Civil Service Act.”

The government was not intending to overlook issues like inclusion, proportional system rather it was focused on passing the Civil Service Act from the parliament at the earliest by exercising the rights and authority enshrined by the constitution, added Minister Pandit.

Minister Pandit said that the government employees were rendering services in the provincial and local level following the completion of civil servants adjustment process.

He pledged that he and his Ministry would not carry out any activity against the spirit of constitution and the promotion and transfer of the government employees would be made as per the prevailing laws.

“There will not be nepotism and favoritism in course of transfer and promotion of the civil servants,” he assured.