Travelers to Karnali desperately waiting for air tickets in Nepalgunj


Kohalpur: People from remote districts in Karnali heading home for the festival celebrations have got stuck in Nepalgunj in the wait for flights. It is said the airlines companies providing services to hilly districts in Karnali are now focused on the Kathmandu route.    
Only Summit Air here now operates on the Nepalgunj-hilly districts route. But waiting passengers are struggling to get tickets to their homes. People from Simkot of Humla have no access to transport expect the air service.    
When they approach ticket counter, the get disheartened by the response of counter staffs. “We are frequently told the tickets are already booked. Those who could influence the top management have already reached home, we, the ordinary people are stuck here,” said one among them.    
The Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) service is also not available here right now. The NAC counter at the airport has remained closed.