US Army in Nepal, Joint training with Nepali Army from Today


Kathmandu: The 39th edition of the month-long joint training called Ex-Balance Nail between the Nepali Army and the US Army is starting from Tuesday.    
The joint training exercise will be conducted between the Ranger battalion under the Singh Mahavir Planning and Coordination Division of the Nepali Army and the US Army contingent from August 16 to September 15, according to the Directorate of Military Public Relations and Information    
The training which has been conducted between the Nepali Army and the US Army since 2060 BS is going to be conducted with the approval of the Ministry of Defense.    
During the joint exercise involving 80 members of the Nepali Army and 16 members of the US Army will focus on law enforcement and military decision-making process in a conflict setting, and will be held in Chauni and Nagarkot area.    
For the training, a contingent of the US army arrived in Kathmandu earlier today under the leadership of Captain Black Ducatel, according to the Directorate.