UML lambastes Finance Minister Sharma for alleged budget manipulation

Kathmandu: The major opposition CPN (UML) has criticized Finance Minister Janardan Sharma for his alleged role in the manipulation of tax rates in the budget at the eleventh hour.    
Recent media reports accuse the Finance Minister of altering tax rates before the announcement of the budget for the fiscal year 2079-80 BS on May 29.    
Once a meeting of the House of Representatives convened today, UML vice chair and lawmaker Surendra Pandey sought time and drew the government’s attention to media reports accusing the Finance Minister of manipulating tax rates in collusion with unauthorized people before presenting it to the parliament. As he stressed, the Finance Minister should resign from the post on a moral ground.    
“After facing a serious charge, the Finance minister is expected to clarify about it in the House. Even lawmakers of ruling parties have questioned his role in the alteration of tax rates and even after all these, does he still expect to hold the post,” he questioned.    
When the provisions require even the ministers and secretaries to put their communication devices in lockers during the discussions on tax rates in course of preparing the budget before it is presented in parliament, the Finance Minister had been accused of violating the norms by tweaking the tax rate in collusion with the unauthorized persons he brought with him, he said.