Meteorological Division confirms early onset of monsoon


Kathmandu: This year monsoon entered Nepal before the tentative date for its arrival, according to Meteorological Forecasting Division, Department of Hydrology and Meteorology.    
The Division in its special weather bulletin this afternoon confirmed that monsoon made its entry in the country today from the Province 1 and it will set in motion in other parts of the country after few days.    
In its special edition, the Division states that June 13 is the tentative date for the arrival of monsoon in Nepal whereas earlier in its official website June 10 was mentioned as the monsoon onset date.    
In Nepal monsoon enters from the eastern part moving towards the west gradually.    
The four-month period from June to September is defined as the monsoon period in South Asia. During this period, Nepal receives 80 percent of annual rainfall.    
The Division sates that it is continuously monitoring this year’s monsoon system and will update related information accordingly.