We are not involvement in price hike of drugs : NCDA


Kathmandu: The Nepal Chemists and Druggists Association (NCDA) has denied its involvement in the hike of price of drugs. Issuing a press statement here Monday, the NCDA said that its attention was been drawn towards the news about hike in the price of the drugs and mention of the Association in the news.    
Disapproving some of the false information in those news reports, the Association appealed with the media and media persons to disseminate factual news. "The Drugs Act-2035 BS states that the government of Nepal could consider hiking the price of drugs if need be. The price of 96 types of drugs has been determined accordingly," reads the statement.    
The Association also explained that it had been determining the price of the drugs other than those determined by the government as per the prevailing practice to follow the MRP. The Association further said that it has been importing the drugs at the price no higher than the MRP determined by the manufacturer companies and manufacturing countries. 'The news published about hike of the drugs' price was far from reality," said the Association thereby appealing with the media and media persons to do thorough research, analysis and studies while disseminating the news about sensitive issues such as drugs.'