19 medical stores face action in KTM Valley


Kathmandu: Nineteen medical stores run against criteria have been suspended.    

The Department of Drug Administration took the action against 19 medical stores operated in Kathmandu Valley. The Department took action within a period from mid-September to mid-October.    

Director General of the DDA, Narayan Prasad Dhakal, said that the medical stores were suspended for four to fifteen days as per the Drugs Act.    
Action against the medical stores was taken after most of the medical stores were found running without permission in course of monitoring.    

There is a provision that the medical store should be operated only after registration at the DDA. Luksi Vetpharma, Koteshwor; Gandhi Manohara Community Health Centre, Kageshwori Manahara; Sapantirtha Pharmacy, Tokha; Prakritik Baipas Pharmacy; Jhorali Pharmacy; Tokha Emergency Medical Hall; Nandakrishna Pharmacy; Subedi Pharmacy; Anamol Pharmacy; Siddhi Pharmacy, among others faced the action.