Kaligandaki River losing pristine specificity


Dhrubasagar Sharma
Galeshwor : The Kaligandaki River has been losing its pristine feature for some years- all because of anthropogenic activities. The stones, soil, and clinker emanated in course of the expansion of Beni-Jomsom-Korala roadway is largely causing landslips and floods, thereby ruining the natural atmosphere.    
The landslides have occurred at several places along the 76-km long national highway which reaches up to Mustang, the district beyond Himalaya. It resulted in obstruction to the flow of Kaligandaki River.     
Ramesh Pun from Annapurna Rural Municipality-5 said the water cycle there had changed due to big landslides occurred at Chhahara, Kavrebhir and Bandarjung Bhir along the roadway. Even a general rainfall causes landslides, he added.    
Similarly, the Kaligandaki River having narrow gorges is now getting silted up with stones. Random use of dozer and excavator to extract sand and stone is badly affecting the river ecology.    
The locals here are worried over the diminishing presence of aquatic animals.    
Although the Supreme Court had issued an interim order last July to not excavate the river bank and dump waste, the extraction did not stop. Recently, in view of the growing encroachment upon the holy Kaligandaki River, youth campaigners have launched a drive 'River Week'. As per the drive, the youth campaigners are distributing posters and conducting poetry recitation, emphasizing environment and river conservation.    
After the river began changing its course and subsequent landslides, the settlements on the bank have faced increasing risk. Indraman Sherchan from Dana said the river was getting narrower in his area. He added that landslide, floods and river erosion were increasing for some years.