CoAS expresses readiness to address genuine demands of beneficiaries


Kathmandu: Chief of Army Staff (CoAS) Prabhuram Sharma on Friday held a meeting with the single (widowed) women of the army personnel who obtained martyrdom while discharging their duties, including during the conflict times.    
On the occasion, CoAS Sharma pledged readiness of the Army organization to address the genuine demands and aspirations of the beneficiaries. He suggested them to take benefits from the prevailing enterprises loan facility and vocational and skill-based training operated by the Army Wives Association so as to become self-reliant and self-employed.    
In his first address after assuming the leadership of the NA, Chief Sharma promised to lay emphasis on increasing the opportunities and facilities to the beneficiaries, including the families of those laying down their lives, the single women, wounded and differently able persons.    
According to the NA Directorate of Public Relations and Communications, the NA will provide monthly Rs 3,000 each to 800 widowed women belonging to those obtaining martyrdom as a family retirement support. Effective from mid-October, the beneficiaries will get monthly Rs 2,500 under the heading ‘duty fulfillment’ and Rs 3,500 under the heading ‘martyrdom’.