NTA claims, 91 per cent population has access to internet service


Kathmandu: Ninety one per cent of the country's population has access to internet service in the country, Nepal Telecom Authority (NTA) said in a report. The NTA report is based on the population projection (2021-2030).    
The Authority has taken total population 29.876 million as the basis for its report. As per the data of the Authority, 27.76 million people have access to internet service till June 14, 2021. A total of 331,422 more internet users have been added from mid-April to mid-May as compared to mid-March to mid-April. There were more than 27.375 million internet users till mid-May.    
As per the statistics, the biggest contributor is mobile internet. Mobile internet users comprise 65.68 per cent of the total internet user population till mid-June. More than 12.052 million people have access to 3G internet service. Of them, 9.590 million people are using 3G internet service of Nepal Telecom, which is the largest number, and 2.462 million people are using internet service of Ncell.    
A total of 11.956 million people have been using 3G internet service till mid-May while around 96,000 more 3G internet have been added from mid-May to mid-June. Fix Broadband has 25.27 per cent space. Of it, there are 785,000 are ADSL internet service users and 556,000 FTTH internet users.    
The report shows that the number of 4G customers is decreasing in the country of late. The 4G customers whose number had increased notably for some months has been dwindling in recent time.    
As per the statistics of the last 10 months released by NTA, the number of 4G users is found decreased in mid-May to mid-June compared to the previous month (mid-April to mid- May). The statistics shows that there were 7 million 697 thousand 863 4G customers until mid-May. This decreased to 7 million 664 thousand 449 until mid-June.