TI Nepal demands withdrawal of decision to export pebbles, sand

Kathmandu: The Transparency International (TI) Nepal has demanded the withdrawal of government decision to export stone, pebbles and sands from Chure region.     
Issuing a press statement on Thursday, TI Nepal Chairperson Padmini Pradhananga showed concern over the points relating to 'export of stone, pebble, and sand to reduce trade deficit' mentioned in section 199 of the annual budget presented for 2078/2079.    
The environmental experts have expressed views in various media that the excavation in Chure region for stones, pebbles and sand will cause floods and landslides and impact environment and climate negatively, she reminded, warning that it would also cause the desertification of fertile land of Tarai region. The exploitation of natural resources has tremendous impact on ecosystem, she underscored.    
She further reminded that the government in 2071 BS had decided to stop the export of pebbles, stones and sand following severe exhaustion in Chure basin from east to west by the illegal crusher industries, and then the Chure conservation programme was going on.    
In the press statement, Pradhananga stressed that government must pay heed to the point that uncontrolled excavation had negative impact on country's ecosystem. RSS