Cooperation needed for film development: Minister Gurung


Banepa:  Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Parbat Gurung, has said cooperation was essential for development of the film sector. He vowed to make Film Development Board more effective.    
Minister Gurung speaking at a five-day workshop that began at Patlekhet of Kavrepalanchowk on 'cooperation with commitment on indigenous films' on Wednesday. The event has been organized by Indigenous Film Federation.    
He further said he was ready to extend cooperation from his side for the protection of religion, language, ethnicity, culture and art, and identity of indigenous community in Nepal. The film makers and actors of indigenous community should be aware what their past was and how they would like to chart future course in terms of culture and society. Films could be made informative and awareness-driven, he said, urging all sides not to submerge in emotion but to work for social transformation.    
The Minister shared the plan that he was working for the transformation of government media. Efforts were on to introduce programme on Tamang language in Nepal Television.    
General Manager of Nepal Television Fulman Bal urged the Federation to act in a new way to cooperate with indigenous films. Saying that there is a need to make films that features multicultural nationality of indigenous nationalities, he underscored the need for making five per cent investment of the total budget in cultural sector like foreign countries.    
On the occasion, Chairperson of the Film Development Board Dayaram Dahal stressed the need for programmes to explore and address genuine issues of indigenous nationalities.    
Former Chairperson of the Board Raj Kumar Rai said that there is a need for reforms in the Board for its overall development.    
Federal Chairperson of the Federation of Nepalese Indigenous Nationalities Journalists, Danda Gurung said films-making should focus on presentation of characters and their role so as to make a quality film. The workshop was attended around 70 film artists from 15 ethnic organisations.