Newly-appointed chair vows to make insurance more advanced, decent


Kathmandu: Newly-appointed Chairman of Insurance Board Surya Silwal has promised to make the insurance business more advanced, decent and accessible to the citizens.    

Assuming his office on Friday, the chairman of country's insurance regulatory authority said that he would work sincerely to up citizen's trust towards the Board.    

He also committed to working to wipe out the ill-practices prevailing in this sector.    

Silwal also asked all the stakeholders to run their business abiding by the laws, rules and procedures.    
Admitting that challenges galore in this field, Silwal argued that the regulatory body's instructions should be fully implemented to resolve the issues of the insurance sector.    
Asking the insurance companies to give emphasis on expanding access and diversifying their programmes, Siwal asked the companies to pay attention for their prompt management.    
Insurance scheme should reach to the people in the huts than the cash holders, he added.