Door opened to send Nepali youth to Israel for employment


Kathmandu: 'Implementation Protocol' has been signed between Nepal and Israel Thursday for the implementation of 'Agreement related to temporary employment of Nepali workers in labour market of Israel'. The latter agreement was signed on September 30, 2020.    
At a programme organised at the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security today, Director General at Department of Foreign Employment, Kumar Dahal, on the behalf of the government of Nepal and Israeli Ambassador to Nepal, Hanan Godar, on the behalf of government of Israel signed the protocol.    
 With the signing of the protocol, the Israeli labour market would be opened for Nepali youth where 500 Nepali youths would go for employment. Nepali youths would get employment as caregiver as well as in hospital, nursing home and daycare centre, according to the Ministry.    
They would get service and facilities as per the labour related laws of Israel. The Nepali youths would go for employment through government to government of both countries. Israel is the one of the attractive destinations for overseas employment. There are around 2,500 Nepalis in Israel, according to Nepali Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel.    
According to the Ministry, it has been made systematic and transparent as much as possible as the government is sending the skilled and capable workers to Israel.    
Nepali Ambassador to Israel, Dr Anjan Shakya, and Israeli Foreign Affairs Minister, Gabi Ashkenazi had signed the labour pact on September 30, 2020.    
On the occasion, Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security, Gauri Shankar Chaudhary, said that new dimension has been added in bilateral relation of Nepal and Israel with the signing of the protocol.    
Minister Chaudhary expressed belief that diplomatic as well as labour relations between the two countries would be cordial.    
He also urged the Israeli government to provide opportunities of employment to Nepali youths in other sectors not only as caregiver.    
Similarly, Dahal said that the Department would maintain transparency in the process of filling online application for the implementation of the protocol.    
Likewise, Nepali Ambassador to Israel, Dr Anjan Shakya, said that she was actively involved to open labour market of Israel to Nepalis since she reached Israel as the Nepali Ambassador and it has been successful Thursday