Why is there hue and cry over just the proposal on IIFA issue ? - Banskota

Kathmandu: Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Gokul Banskota, has made it clear that issues raised on International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Award were not related to government at all.

These are private sector concern, not government, he stressed. Minister Banskota argued that news on management of IIFA award function relating to government were baseless reports.

At a regular weekly press meet organized in the Ministry on Thursday, Minister Banskota said the government provided the approval in principle for the discussion on IIFA award. "The government gave the approval for discussion on IIFA considering if it was beneficial to Nepal.

Decision was yet to be made on the process. It is an issue relating to 'event management business'. Government has not said anything on allocating money for its conduct. Decision could be made based on its condition- good or not good for country."

The Minister further wondered, "Why is there hue and cry over just the proposal on it ?" Government, as the Spokesperson asserted, had decided to provide only security to IIFA team but not allocated money. He urged the parliamentary committee to issue direction with in-depth study on the concerned issue.

Responding to a question why the government was backtracking from its decision one after another, he however said as the parliament is the supreme place to decide any issue, its decision must be abided by all including the government.

“The government is formed in a certain process. The government, irrespective of who leads it, takes forward its works in its own process and style. Parliament is the place where resolution to any issues is made. We all should respect the autonomy of parliament,” he said, bemoaning, “However, there is growing trend in the parliament which generates discourse and debate on the basis of individual's perspective rather than on the subject.”

Banskota further said that the government has called upon Biplab-led Nepal Communist Party for a dialogue with government once again. He shared, "We held talks too but Biplab-led group did not take further interest in it and went on to do illegal and unconstitutional works. Hence, it was government’s responsibility to take such activities under control and offset those activities.”

Baskota, however, added that government was still appealing Biplab-led group to come on board and join the talks. “We are laying red carpet for Biplab-led group for talks but one who turns down the appeal and goes on to create terror and cause violence shall not be spared,” he warned.

According to him, the government formed after two-thirds majority shall offset the criminal activities being conducted in the guise of politics. The Minister asserted,” This government clearly knows what should be done for the country and citizens.”