Carlsberg Nepal employees manhandled by MD


Kathmandu: Manhandling and harassment of the employees have crossed all limits at Gorkha Brewery operated in joint collaboration between Nepali partners and popular Danish company Carlsberg Breweries.

Staffers at the company are preparing to revolt as the Indian national Ajithbabu Narsingha, who came to Nepal as a Managing Director of the company, has been harassing and manhandling them.

A source at the Carlsberg said that Narsingha was appointed as the Managing Director of the company in  February, 2018. Victim employees complained that Narsingha had been misbehaving with them ever since he was appointed the MD. He is learnt to have scolded staffers with foul words, harassed them at the public place and misbehaved with female staffs. “We worked at the company for many years in safe and secure environment. But, since Narsingha joined the company as MD, we have been humiliated and felt embarrassed”, a female employee  shared. “We shall file the case against him with the police office if the issue will not be resolved”, she said.

Another female staff harassed and misbehaved by Narsingha lamented that the issue had reached the senior level of the company but was ignored. She vented ire as the person supposed to be suspended by the company was leading it.

There is no ambiance to work. Since Narsingha came to the company as Managing Director, he scolds seniors in front of juniors with foul words at the staff meeting. Instead of encouraging staffs, he treats us like slaves and misbehaves with female staffs with wrong intention, bemoaned a staffer. The source at the Gorkha Brewery claimed that Narsingha was harassing and misbehaving with staffers he did not like. His behavior and modus operandi had left employees disappointed and this might have serious repercussion on Gorkha Brewery’s business.

Five employees including three female  have registered their written complaints against Narsingha.

Company’s marketers and distributors also continue to suffer at the hands of Narsingha. Marketers and distributors have registered complaint against Narsingha for his misbehavior, a source claimed. It is said that his behavior has irked many distributors, trade and marketers.

In their written complaints, employees have demanded immediate suspension of Narsingha and a probe into his wrongdoing. Carlsberg holds 90 per stake at Gorkha Brewery. The company’s Board of Directors has one Nepali national while others are foreigners.

No labour contract ?

Meanwhile, Indian national Ajitbabu Narsingha has been working at Gorkha Brewery without labour contract in Nepal. Despite this, the Board of Directors has shown no interest in getting labour contract for him. Narsingha has been working at the behest of Indian embassy, a source said. Employees demanded an investigation to find out whether or not he had received labour contract.