Buddha air unveils safety directives against COVID-19


Kathmandu: The government of Nepal has banned both domestic and international flights up to May 15 as one of the measures to check spread of Coronavirus. However, even during the period of lockdown over COVID-19 crisis, the national and international flights are taking place for humanitarian rescue and transportation of cargo.

So, efforts are being made to make the air service, which has become instrumental to fight against the crisis, more safe and systematic by formulating different directives and guidelines.

In this connection, Budda Air, a private air company of Nepal, has formulated safety directives as per the WHO’s criteria. The safety directives will be implemented for the Buddha Air’s domestic and international flights.

According to the safety directives, the restroom inside the airplane will not be allowed for the passengers. Since restroom is a place of common use and there is a high chance of infection of COVID-19, the Buddha Air came up with such a move.

Furthermore, the passengers with COVID-19 symptoms such as runny rose, body ache and common cold will be barred from boarding the flight. This safety directive will be in effect till the WHO announcement of elimination of COVID-19.

Furthermore, the catering service inside the airplane will be halted for the airhostess serving the passengers food items and drinks could contract the deadly infection.

Domestic animals will not be allowed to board the airplane. Physical distance will be maintained at the airport. All the equipment, offices and vehicles and aircrafts will be sanitized before boarding the passengers.

The staffers will also make sure that they sue personal protective equipment (PPE) in line of the duty. Staffs will be barred from borrowing or using others’ goods. They also have to eat at canteen or eat the food brought from home.