An Australian ambassador should apologize for the Australian citizen’s vandalism: Kandel


KATHMANDU: In a press conference on Sunday, Er. Dipendra Kandel demanded that the Australian Ambassador residing in Nepal, make an apology to the people of Nepal due to the actions of one of his citizens.

Last week, NRNA delegate and Australian citizen of Nepalese descent, Ramesh Thapa, vandalized an immigration desk at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) because of the immigration line was too long. Consequently, the delegate was fined 50 thousands Nepalese Rupees.

As the Australian Embassy has not tackled this issue properly without taking responsibility for the incident, Kandel has requested that the Australian Ambassador residing in Nepal apologizes, both to the immigration officer involved in the incident and the people of Nepal.

During the speech, he displeased with the Australian citizen’s actions said: “It is ridiculous, The Australian Embassy, which is residing in my country Nepal, has not yet apologized for the disgraceful action of its citizen. Your citizens cannot treat our immigration officers like this, and your citizens, cannot treat my country like this… Ambassador of Australia residing in Nepal, the people of Nepal are waiting for your apology.”

Er. Kandel has requested that the Ambassador apologizes by the end of next week or he will take further action in the near future to escalate the issue. Such actions would include speaking to the appropriate Nepalese politicians, the United Nations office residing in Nepal and the International Civil Aviation Organization about the incident to explore the potential disciplinary procedures he could take next.