About Us

It’s a matter of great honour and respect that as part of our new service in the online media service, we (corporatenepal.com), under the management of Bizcare Nepal Pvt. Ltd, are pleased to inform you that we are ready to serve the matter of your interest and importance at any time through the world of internet web to reach to millions at a single click.At a time, when the new media and even the social media are becoming a powerful tool to inform people and educate them, the presence and necessity of the online media is felt to a large extent.

We believe that the presence of corporatenepal.com, will help adding one more effort towards ensuring public aspiration for right to inform and freedom of speech and expression that will help strengthening the democratic norms and values in the long run.

On top of that, our very beginning step is aimed at becoming one of the pioneering and leading online media with a dedication in economic and business news.

The company has specific objectives to expand different media streams in the days to come.

The company as per its objectives extends concern in the field of conducting various studies and researches that of greater interests and values based in economic and social concern, documentary filming, event managements, transcribing-editing and advertising.